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Interior Reveal Trims

We are excited to announce the official launch of XtremeInterior Architectural Solutions, the newest venture from Tamlyn, a leader in the builder supply industry for over 40 years. This unique and diverse line of extruded aluminum trims was designed to enhance all practical aspects of drywall construction and transform it into a design medium that can make it the feature, the focus and the most impactful element of a well-designed space. shapes and forms that introduce the appearance of fine metal craft integrated with drywall and panelized surfaces at a fraction of the cost of having custom metalwork designed, detailed and fabricated for a project.

Interior Extrusions

Easy Installation

Precisely manufactured under extreme tolerances to produce highly refined results without master craft skilled labor or material costs.

Interior Trims

Clean Look

Can become a part of the surface and blend in or can become the feature – all by choice of the designer.

Interior Reveals

Modern Design

Designed and manufactured to enhance all of the practical aspects of drywall construction but transform it into a design medium that can make it the feature, the focus and the most impactful element of a well‐designed space.

The Interior Architecture Team

XtremeInterior Architecture
Terrance Jackson Architectural Sales Manager Terrance earned a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Prairie View A&M University. He has experience in schematic development, design development, construction documents, and construction administration specializing in institutional, residential, and healthcare architecture. Previously he served as the project lead for renovation, addition, and new build projects at various reputable firms. He is the Sales Manager and key member of the Development and Design team of XtremeIAS.
XtremeInterior Architectures
Dana Madden Architectural Sales and Marketing Representative Dana studied Environmental Design at Texas A&M University where she developed the creative mindset she utilizes at XtremeInterior daily. Her extensive experience in Hotel Management and background in design allows Dana to handle XtremeInterior sales, advertisement, profile design, technical information, and marketing. Dana is committed to client relationships and delivering excellent customer service.

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