Interior Reveal Trims

Make a statement with style

Make a statement with style.

Our team of in-house architects collaborated with experienced design professionals to develop an extensive line of interior aluminum extrusions that create a variety of visual statements from minimalist shadow lines to bold and dynamic 2 piece design features. The growing and evolving collection includes simple reveals, corner and base transitions as well as new shapes and forms that introduce the appearance of fine metal craft integrated with drywall and panelized surfaces at a fraction of the cost of having custom metalwork designed, detailed and fabricated for a project.

Interior Trims


Accessorize your interiors with a variety of beautiful reveal profiles that can be installed vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

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Reveal Trims


Whether you’re looking for minimalistic shadow lines or bold base plates to match cabinet kick height, we have the base trim for your design!

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Aluminum Extrusion


Protection and beauty in one! Our line of unique corner profiles offers innovative solutions in any project.

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Interior Aluminum Extrusion

2 Piece Systems

Exclusive line of channels and inserts that work together to give the visual impact your feature wall needs!

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What is XtremeInterior

All trim work can be applied to walls and ceilings and floated in flush with a gypsum board surface or installed with panels such as wood and tile work. Our trims are sustainable, durable, non-combustible, lightweight, easy to use and are available in a variety of metallic finishes or primed for custom in-field painting. The extrusions can become part of the surface and blend in or can become the feature – all by choice of the designer.

Who Are We

A team of our architects led the process of selecting and designing each profile for the desired aesthetic effect and specific application. We offer quality products, competitive prices and fast service. While we recognize we are in a global economy, we remain committed to making products by choice in the USA where possible, giving customers a quality domestic option.

From Our Clients

“This is the most unique, diverse and industry leading concept available in the commercial market place”